Text Box: 1.	The Hazardous Materials Inspection Report 
2.	The Soils Report 
3.	The Structural Engineer's Report 
4.	The Home Inspection Report 
5.	The Radon Inspection Report 
6.	The Termite Inspection Report 
7.	The Home Warranty Policy 
8.	The Survey or ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) 
9.	The Subdivision Plat Map 
10.	The Floor Plan Drawings 
11.	The Current Appraisal (within the last 3 months) 
12.	The Current Well Inspection Reports (within the last 3 months)
a. The Potability Report
b. The Production Report
c. The Recovery Rate Report
d. The Well Permit
e. The Well Log 
13.	The Current Septic Inspection Reports (within the last 3 months)
a. Evidence that septic tank has been pumped
b. The Septic Inspection Report
c. The Septic Permit 
14.	Subdivision Covenants 
15.	HOA Rules and Regulations 
16.	Easements or Encroachments affecting the property 
17.	Rights of Way affecting the property 
18.	Building Permits for all improvements on the 
19.	Owner's list of all improvements done without building permits 
20.	Owner's list of all non conforming uses of the property 
21.	Flood Zone Information 
22.	Zoning and Use Information 
23. Mining, Abandoned Mines and Subsidence 	Potential Information 
24.	Legal proceedings which may affect the property
	a. Foreclosure Proceedings (current or anticipated)
	b. Tax Liens or Filings (current or anticipated)
	c. Lis Pendens (notice of legal actions to be filed)
	d. Lawsuits (current or anticipated)
	e. Bankruptcy (current or anticipated)
	f. Divorce Proceedings or Decrees (current or 	anticipated)

Home Buyers Checklist